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Friday, February 29, 2008

To some, this will mean nothing... to others - like myself - you'll be impressed! This morning, Matt and I decided to take the kiddos to our lil breakfast place - Elana's across Greenfield Ave. Matt took the van and dropped it off to be inspected and me and boysie's walked down Lydia. As we passed Kanai funeral home at the bottom of our street, the door opened and out walked Art Rooney Jr w/ a bodyguard/driver/friend? Immediately recognizing him... I wondered... it is kosher to say hi? The poor fellow, recognized, I AM SURE, everywhere he goes, was leaving the funeral home and walking across the street to St Rosalia's to where the funeral mass was to take place. We made eye contact and acknowledged each other's presence. As we went to cross the street, the sweet owner of the PITTSBURGH STEELERS told us to be careful and wait for him to cross with us. They giggled at Theo's "future Steeler" cap that he was sporting... and we parted by asking that the Lord would bless one another.

This is why I love living in the city. I love that all of you dear folk in Boston and elsewhere with no allegiance to this lovely city would have no reaction to this story. BUT, if you are a Pittsburgher, you'd want to buy a house next store ;) just in case Art comes back... heehee.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No babies yet. I'm weary!

These sweet lil buggers keep me going ;)

Monday, February 11, 2008

A very productive weekend! We became our own particularized church, Matt landed his first senior pastor position, ordained a couple of elders, vowed to serve the Pittsburgh community, built a loft, painted a room - FUSCIA pink!, and got another week closer to having a baby girl ;).

Some fun new shots.

A bright and contagious smile. He had just gotten back from his "sitting on the step" routine that happens every night when he pitches fits about dinner ;) with that hat. He comes back with a new hat every time.

Camera savvy - always ready to take a picture. I do have a normal smile picture of him somewhere ;)

Mommy's playdate at the dinosaur museum! What a treat!

I can't handle our cat 99% of the time. (Evil, I know... but, to my credit, I already have 3 other beings craving my attention, cuddles and affection. I can't handle having to pet/touch such an attention-starved cat!) However, this is what keeps poor ole Barnabus in this home....

A couple of videos for the grandparents!

The following video was taken at PiratesFest -- we got tickets from our SWEET and dear neighbor across the street (who loves my fuscia room, by the way). The boys love baseball - and well, we only let them watch the Pirates ;) The event was fairly disappointing... you'd think that for a very under producing sports team that they would try and serve their fading fan base just a little bit. It cost over 30 bucks to get in and then cost money to "play" games. We didn't see a single player there. I did get a chance to capture the best part of our time there... The Pirate Parrot was very entertaining!

Here's a little footage of our attempts to dig up some ole dinosaur bones at the NHM (Natural History Museum.) Theo was a trip and REALLY into the whole process. He cried when I took his ridiculous goggles off (the ones that prohibited breathing through his nose.) The kids had a blast.

Alright ... signing out. It's laundry day!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I have been an extremely poor blogger of late. The last two weeks we've had the computer upstairs - which is a GOOD thing for my addictive self. That means I have to drag my very pregnant self up my steep stairs to check my email (ie - waste time on the internet,) something I find more and more tiring and troublesome. My boys rarely "play" upstairs... something I hope we change soon.

This girl is a mover and shaker! It's crazy how much she is tearing it up inside. Theo certainly did not move this much - I think Isaac did. We are getting more and more excited about meeting her and actually less intimidated (maybe that's why the Lord gives you the rottenest month of pregnancy - called the 9th month.) I'm looking forward to NOT feeling like a freight truck. I'm looking forward to not looking like one too!

We are looking forward to a visit from the in-laws this weekend ... they've committed (i think...) to painting and getting our rooms re-organized upstairs. The boys will either be built a loft or be bought a bunkbed set and finally move in together ;) The lil chica's room will be painted, the crib will be assembled and all of Matt's books will be moved... I feel very anxious about this process... once it's done... I'll be ready for her! Anyway... the boys are beside themselves looking forward to a visit from the Clearfield grandparents.

I just love this face!

My sweet boys!