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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to our World...

Norah has been getting a large dose of our world of late... The boys are deeply in love and gentle and dear. Here are some notables of late:
  • Norah Grace SLEEPS. She has given me at least one 5 hour stretch EVERY night since we've come home from the hospital. Immediately upon nursing during that ONE feeding a night, she goes right back to sleep. Consequently, I have had more energy NOW than I had prior to having her! (Now, if only my house would reflect that fact!)
  • Last Thursday morning, Norah was sleeping w/ daddy and Theo still in bed, Isaac and I had a precious and rare moment just the two of us. We were eating breakfast and it hit me that it was no longer just Isaac and Theo any longer -- there was a NEW child, new life in our family. I mentioned the fact to Isaac - in awe - and he responded by putting his fork down, looking me in the eye and asking, "wow mommy, can you handle it?" Oh, that I would handle it well.
  • Anytime Norah cries - Isaac immediately runs to her (no matter WHERE she is) and says, "it's alright Norah, I'm here. You are not lonely any more. I'm here!"
We are enjoying our new addition to our world. We are all in love.

Theo is constantly adding to his "stuffed animal" collection that he has to have in bed w/ him at night. We thought we'd give our new addition a shot -- He was so sad when we told him he couldn't actually keep her in there all night.

Of course, Isaac wanted in on it... They were so excited about this!

The ever famous jaundiced Koerber.... ;) Poor thing...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Norah Grace

This is an email that Matt sent out just yesterday - while he was entirely unsupervised.

As you probably knew, Chrissie has been experiencing severe abdominal
swelling. This led to some pretty great discomfort and when she began
to have piercing pain on Monday we decided that she should go to the
hospital. Anyway, after a very short investigation, the doctors were
able to determine the cause of the problems. Believe it or not,
Chrissie had a small person living inside of her! It was amazing.
Well, the doctors have a special procedure for getting the baby out -
iI would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

Well, that solved everything. Chrissie is feeling fine. The pains
have stopped and her swelling has already been reduced. We have
decided to keep this new person and make her part of the family. We
named her Norah Grace (8 bls. 4 oz.) and she is cute.

Thanks for your prayers!

In Christ,
Matt (Chrissie, Isaac, Theo and Norah)

Here are a couple of pictures to satisfy the peoples ;) I'll try and get more later and up.

Ball Bellies. Theo's new favorite game

MY ball.

Boys & grandparents meet the ball.

Daddy rests with the ball.

Look at my hair!!