The life of a pretty crazy lil clan called the Koerbers. We love life together and praise the Creator and Author of that life!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well... the new little Koerber is due March 12th. I had a sonogram today to try and determine when this lil new tyke is to be born. It was a treat to see the lil one... I even made a tear! Life is amazing... It is amazing that the little tyke is alive and moving his arms and legs. I don't love being pregnant, but I love that I am in the process of bringing a new, little, precious child into this world. Isaac from the beginning has been "wanting" a boy brother (as opposed to a girl brother...) His list of names for the new one includes "potato head," "baby head," or "baby thomas" (after the great, Thomas the Tank Engine.) So far, his names have been pretty creative. We'll keep a running list ;)

Love you all. Thanks for your support and well wishes!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

lack of posting = sick chrissie = chaotic house


pregnant chrissie. yes, again. a bit unexpected... really scary... a gift from the Lord, yes. we were hoping for another year between the "two sets of kids" we wanted. however, obviously, the Lord had other plans. we are more and more getting excited. your prayers would be appreciated ;)