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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My latest workout routine...

Isn't he the best! We are certainly over our fuss spell... shew!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have to do it! Matt took a couple of videos of this little one going crazy to momma's ticklin'... but it does end in Isaac not particularly enjoying what's going on. I suppose he was a bit concerned. Of course, my beautiful sister is holding Theo!

So -- My crafty friend, Aaron, has figured out how to post these videos -- and has shared his information. Wah hoo for all of you!

My Theo has been better. It must be his teeth and a growth spurt together? I think I have been too cautious feeding him because of all of our pukey episodes last week. Poor kid just ate about a half a box of his brother's favorite lunch, Dinosaur Mac 'n Cheese. We make noises the dinosaurs bite the dust and then continue to refer to them in the bellies throughout the day.

On the down side, we still are not sleeping well at nights. I'll tell you what... this beautiful happy little child becomes a monster at night and I have to admit, I believe I created him! I was so cautious to not have him cry long so that he would wake his brother, that I have created a terrible sleeping child! So, we've decided we are going to seperate them, until we have trained poor little Theo how to sleep well. I'm thinking this is going to be a terrible week. Last night (while in the same room as his brother) he cried out LOUD for an entire hour before I finally went in to nurse. NOW, remember... this child IS 11 months, had just nursed 2.5 hours beforehand AND had only taken ONE nap that whole day! I think this child craves more of a schedule than my Isaac did.

Alright, Grace and PEACE to you all.

I'm looking forward to two beautiful friends sharing their baby news! MKL and RannieCakes!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hmmm...I love those eyes. Too bad they have only been CRYING these past couple of days. Wow, I'm struggling.
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Sweet Isaac.
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Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm addicted to coffee. I have the stomach virus and I woke up this morning and besides water, it is the only other thing I have consumed.

Both boys are sick! Isaac was throwing up all last night and Theo all Valentine's Day. Poor kiddos... they really did handle it well. I'm impressed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ear infections. Amoxicillin or no?

Matthew has a slow week. We are excited. I look forward to time with the love of my life.

My house is a mess. It was so clean yesterday! I think the definition of housework should be: futile.

We have found a new venue and disparately need it. Church was so packed this past Sunday I don't know that we could have fit one more person. Not one. We move to a new place that will easily fit 250. It was a crazy process but worth it and perfectly timed.

I got new strings for my guitar. I miss playing... my fingertips miss the frequency. (I hurt typing!) I sat down today with a song that I played a lot about 8-10 years ago... I had the words and the chords right there and couldn't remember the melody. I knew in my head how it was... but just couldn't sing it. I played the chorus at least 10 times (the part I did know) in hopes that it would jar my memory. (I'm talking about a song that I actually even performed in front of people!) Man, I wish having children didn't kill brain cells. What will I forget after our next child (which isn't any time soon... sorry)? Will I forget Amazing Grace? I'm heading down that road... too quickly.

We are having a women's tea this upcoming Saturday and I'm playing ... my setlist: Shine - Jan Krist and Gently Lay your Head - Jill Phillips. I wish my fingers could endure more.

I'm going to try and find the camera for a couple of shots that were taken recently.

Blessings dear friends.