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Friday, July 23, 2010

I agree, it has been entirely too long.

Ever since Facebook, I have been a huge slacker w/ the blog. Mostly because I am a terrible writer and just update in quick and easy sentences. I have found myself thinking in "tweets" - even though I don't tweet exactly. I update my facebook page... fairly obsessively. I want to be a better writer -- record keeper :). Therefore, blog, I will update you more often.

This has been the fullest summer yet for the Koerber clan. We are enjoying it, heat and all! We have had a Baldauff vacation in the Smokies with a visit to Clarkston, GA following. I got to visit a dear friend in Boulder, CO and we have yet to hit August! We have been hit w/ 2 different horrible colds on the weeks in between. This has been the summer of running... and I'm stalling. BIG TIME.

We are expecting numero quatro the end of Febuary and this lil bug has not been nice to me so far. I have been the sickest I've ever been w/ any pregnancy and have been spotting quite a bit. I spent about 24 hrs early this week mourning a potential loss, only to see a healthy lil heartbeat as a result of an early ultrasound.

Here are a couple of fun pics from our visits down south.

The great Stone Mountain - w/ our favorite southerner - Caleb!

The girl Baldauff cousins!

The boy Baldauff cousins!

A yummy BBQ restaurant in the Smokies