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Saturday, December 23, 2006

within the next room there plays two boys. it is quiet ... so this might be a real REAL short post.

here are a couple of things. (i feel slightly reprimanded aaron - i hope you don't check my blog often ;) )

our new thing in the koerber home: PANDORA. we constantly switch between ck's folk station and mk's folk station. there, in reality, exists likely NO difference. hmmm... i think we are just sinful and selfish. want us to email our stations/preferences? let me know!

boys moved to this room. AND i just got handed the precious "doggie." her name is jo jo. or his? i just asked. "a grill," was my beautiful boy's reply.

i just returned from company meetings. man, i found that i probably talked TOO much about my boys. i LOVE them. i mean, really REALLY love them. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. is this normal? anyway, the company meetings. three days before Christmas. tough timing... but a treat to see the people that i work with. we did have a good time together. theo was there for his second round. he did so well! i don't know that he did cry once during the meetings.

alright. christmas time! i'm ready... can you believe it? even cards were sent this year! (eeks - holler if you didn't get one and want one.)

much love. merry christmas dear friends.