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Saturday, October 28, 2006

They have done it! The controversy uncovered... they have indeed intended to open a store here in Pittsburgh. For years, Pittsburghers have complained about the so-called myth that they'd get their very own Trader Joe's. There were even blogs about it! Now the rumors fly... will a second open in Mount Lebanon?

I love Trader Joe's.

Uyen made me fall in love with the salsa organic chips and their guacomole. Uyen made me fall in love with their many a fun frozen item. In fact, I think Uyen made me fall in love with the whole shi-bang! I remember many a Friday night w/ just the Korean Brandeis folk in Uyen's apartment in Brookline AND Trader Joe's runs. What were those frozen bean/ice cream thingy's - I think they were some kind of asian treat? They were green, with something inside!? Someone, help me!


I'm done obsessing. I can't wait to get out there, but don't dare with these two kids in tow knowing that it will be a madhouse. Or at least, it should be a madhouse. Crazy GOOD food crazy cheap. Right, I said I was done.

My brain, if I could even declare WAS ever right, hasn't been right since childbirth.

I turn 31 this weekend. Matt loves getting older. I, on the other hand, often still feel like I'm in college... or a couple of years out. I can't believe that I am thirty something.

Isaac's mean Stillers face.

I love being a mom.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love Grandmas. I cannot believe how blessed we are in this department.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Campaign for Beauty

It's brief.

It's worth the view.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


i just ordered these new albums. it has been nearly a year since i've last bought an album. it's stinkin' time.
  • AMOS LEE i've heard a couple of times on WYEP and through Paste - Amazon describes him as the male counter of Norah Jones. i love his tone.
  • OVER THE RHINE when asked, i always claim them as my favorite musician/group. i have owned albums in the past, but do not currently HAVE a single one. my dearest friend recommended OHIO as her fave. it's on its way!
  • ERIN MCKEOWN she WAS a local Bostonite, i wish i would have seen her...phenominal music. if you have never heard of her, you MUST visit her website and listen to her voice. she truly is amazing.
  • JOHNNY CASH Folsom Prison (live) - reconciliation album for the love of my life. i just bought three albums for myself. heehee... he's excited!

erin was in town a couple of weekends ago. if linso were around i'd be spending too much money going to shows. i suppose my bank account is thankful that i haven't found like-minded music comrad just yet in the 'burgh. matt generally likes the same things... but even bruce came and went and we didn't get there! why?

Friday, October 06, 2006

so if you can't read my post below -- i miss my korean sisters. it's true. i have to admit it... this summer we had our first korean come to our church. poor guy probably won't come back because of psycho pastor's wife pretty much begged him to stay. they are all probably laughing about her at the neighboring korean church. psycho pastor's wife. all we need is a bunch of you to move from boston (& baltimore) and create a bit of a korean contingent... we could eat kimchee and bulgogi. my guess is because there is such a small korean contingent in pittsburgh that it is more comfortable and attractive to be with one another. maybe ya'll could help shed light on why our church wouldn't be attractive? love my noonas! (i know it only means older sister....)
나는 나의 한국 자매를 놓친다!
So... It IS okay to just write a little bit. It really is. Every blog entry doesn't have to have crazy intelligent remarks or crazy amounts of words. I'd like to write a bit more... (frequency wise) but really less.

Here are a couple of things that are going on: completely random.

1) Music blogs... People post tidbits of what's going on in the music world. Like Paste on-line but from different sources, real people. It has been fun to browse... BUT, here's a question for Salada's and others (who have shaped my music "sharing" dramatically!) are what they doing right? I love being exposed to new music... and sometimes I'm tempted to download songs. I suppose as I'm asking the question, I'm answering it. It has got to be wrong to not pay for the tunes... but, OH... what a temptation! A free Beck song... or a Dylan gospel tune... or how about a mah-na-mah-na tune?!

2) Nancy... It takes a LOT to distract me from cleaning my home. However, I have found that I must have a presentable home on weekends. (The definition of presentable for the Koerbers is probably messy for most.) I think I need a housekeeper ;)

3) Life is busy & it seems to only get more and more so. I am grateful, though! It is busy with dear things. I love my family...

4) I LOVE where we live. We have an Iraqi family across the street: "Say-ba" is 9 years old and frequents the home to "pet" (torture really) our cat. She is here in Pittsburgh for cleft surgery at Children's. Last night was date night and we went to Gullifty's for dessert and got to watch a great jazz show alongside a very diverse crowd and then sat in the car to watch Hassidic Jews worship. When we go to the park, Isaac plays alongside Chinese, Muslims and children from India.

I suppose that's enough.

Say-ba! (I'm sure that's not how you spell her name) She is such a dear girl! She's come over and literally cleaned up Isaac's toys... (I suppose she doesn't like our mess neither)

Have I mentioned how much I love our church?