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Friday, May 15, 2009

Isaac and Norah

With Nama -- check out Norah's tongue

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Pictures of some fun times in Clearfield. These are being posted because I can't figure out how to send 'em to Matt without them being huge...

Norah at the ball field

Theo's Troll face...

Theo's kick off

Theo practicing putting the ball into the net

Brothers playing together

Saturday, May 02, 2009

We have been enjoying the sunshine of late :) Already a couple of bike rides have been taken. It's lovely to not have a newborn this summer. I carry Theo on the back of my bike and Matt hauls Isaac and Norah in the bike carrier. It's quite the Koerber production, but well worth it! We are enjoying the exercise together. Above is one of our favorite "bike haunts..." We love to ride to the South Side!

And above... we have another WALKER! These are some of her first steps - and while a proficient crawler (her #1 means of transportation) walking IS in her future. Every day she walks more.

Theo has potty trained. It was a decision that he made on Monday and has only had one accident (the day after) since. WOOT! I'm so proud of my little big boy :) He's loving his potty treats - matchbox cars. Isaac is loving all the new additions to their already LARGE collection.

Friday, May 01, 2009

We've got some potty training going on (very SUCCESSFUL potty training, I might add) and some walking. Hopefully soon, I'll post the footage... one video incidentally, catches both :)!!