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Monday, June 30, 2008

Regarding my BLOG - This is a temporary fix until I find my perfect graphic. Of course, you realize that I am the mother of three children and am married to a pastor - which really results in a life of chaos. Please bear with the changing page.

Beautiful things that happened this evening:

Me and my boys (Norah napped) had a date w/ "Meet the Robinsons." I was the only one who cried.

After a horrible temper tantrum resulting in having to go to bed without any stories or books, my eldest son hunted me down to apologize. He actually said, "Mom, I am sorry I cried so much tonight..." Whether the motivation was real repentance or getting his stories it was pretty amazing that he apologized! He is growing.

I made a chicken pot pie in 45 minutes... slowly perfecting what has become a family staple - and family favorite. I'm excited to know that I can actually cook the chicken/potato/veggie mix while working on the gravy. I used to do it separately and just shaved off 15 minutes! WOoT! Truly - beautiful. Now, if you really do care about that, I'll be impressed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

it's official. i am now a two cup morning coffee drinker.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

T's new look!

At the Science Center -- AGAIN.

My three boys enthralled by the trains.

I left Daddy alone w/ the kiddos. He took them for a walk and apparently it rained. He kept running his hands through N's hair... and gave her a new do!

Here's a better view of that do.

A couple of videos too for you! My word... I really need to get at this computer more often.

Theo "praying."

They are pumping each other up ;)

As usual, my children are entertaining the be-geebies out of me.

We are well. Busy of course, but well. Matt was just recently at GA (General Assembly) and I managed OK home alone with all three. My mother had me over one afternoon (we were grumpy together) and I left quite cheerily but the proceeded to get myself into a little fender bender on the way home. I'm surprised they don't just automatically up your premium when you have more than 2 children. It is amazing that I get from point A to point B healthily. Anyway... the next day was bearable but come Thursday I called for reinforcement. We had a lovely family take the chillin's to their community pool - where both parties: me and them, got distance from one another. The boys had a blast ... and I got to walk around and get a couple of necessities.

This summer already feels like it's flying by. I feel like it should still be spring and technically it is - but we are already halfway through June! Doesn't that just feel odd? We have a couple of weddings this summer which we are looking forward to and a vacation in August. We have also just found out that two of our dearest friends who had a new little baby girl just a month after I had Norah are moving to Pittsburgh! We are thrilled to say the least!

Norah is moving around like crazy and really growing up far too quickly! I'm already missing my newborn. Theo is talking like mad and really quite opinionated. Isaac, well... he is just a little boy. I can't believe how little boyish he is.

Matt... well, he's growing up too ;) I can't believe how well I married. I definitely married up (I know you are going to read that mom, and say that I didn't -- I'm not knocking our family ;) I'm just sayin'.... I didn't think you could get better than the Baldauffs... heehee)

Alright. Signing out. I've been a terrible blogger - and for those of you that check frequently, I'm sorry! But hey, I'm the mother of three -- what do you stinkin' expect?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I have to do it! It is very entertaining....

Thanks Hannah.