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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We went to the Children's Festival in Oakland today... we actually just happened upon it. We are going tomorrow with daddy. However... a funny thing happened today. Even funnier than the goats chasing Theo around the petting zoo trying to nibble on his fingers.

We are walking around... the kids' stage announces it's show: "Ladies and gentleman, the finest show of the festival... join me in welcoming the belly dancers troupe." Isaac, excited about the loud music and the stage, desperately wanted to watch the show. C'mon - BELLY DANCERS?!?!? At a Kids' festival? Like my poor soon needs to look at any more bellies.

Well, later on this evening - more than five hours after, Isaac looks at me and asks, "mom, why couldn't we watch the belly dancers? I'm almost as old as you. I AM a big boy." Oh dear...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

yes, i do not blog anymore. i can't find the words... i am not intelligent enough any longer... i feel i am only able to communicate as a three year old. i confirm. having babies kills brain cells.

my girl is good to me. she sleeps so well. the only trouble she gives me is her desire to be held from 5-7pm: which thoroughly complicates dinner time. her smiles are endearing and her lil coos are sweet.

the boys are pretty good to me as well. they fight a lot recently. toys bought are bought in pairs. so creative! we were at my sisters house yesterday (SURPRISE!) and the boys entertained themselves in a kidfree home for two hours. i love these boys. theo is starting to communicate more and more.

we are blessed. what good friends we have. hopefully i'll get some new pics up soon.