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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Truly -- an unforgettable experience! We left WAY too early... and got there with an hour and 15 minutes to wait for the parade to start. The poor kids were a mess by the time Big Ben came by... so we left shortly after seeing him!

Big Ben and Charlie -- with the mayor in between?!?

"Defense! Defense!" The crowd chanted!

This man WALKED the parade - giving hi-fives and waving his towel.

A very unsure Norah -- but thrilled boys.

We got this smile shortly before the parade began!

This mornings conversation over breakfast.

A bit of a backdrop... Theo always calls himself, "Theo Dwight Koerber." I think he believes that Dwight is an extension to our last name. We very often call Isaac "Isaac Dwight Koerber," as it's often he needs to be hollered at ;) Not really -- I suppose we just love the flow of the name.

Well... this morning at breakfast Isaac called Theo "Jacob." His pappap Baldauff calls him Jacob all the time (probably cause he forgets his real name... heehee, just kidding dad!) After telling Isaac and Theo that the reason why papap calls him by that name is a result of my Dad's own Dad calling all the boys in their large family, "Isaac" and "Jacob"... Theo started crying.

Me: Theo? What's wrong?
Theo (in a very whiney voice): I'm NOT Jacob.
Me: I know you aren't Jacob... we are just teasing you and calling you Jacob.
Theo: But I'm Theo Dwight Koerber!
Me: Well, you aren't really Theo Dwight Koerber... you are Theodore Robert Koerber.
Theo: But I'm Theo Dwight Koerber, mommy! I don't like Robert.
Me: We named you Theodore Robert Koerber after my daddy's dad, though... and I LOVE that name.
Theo: How about .... uh.... How about... (imagine long, thoughtful pauses...)

Theodore Koerber.... Roethlisberger -- (really RufflesBURGER)

haha... Isaac and I laughed ourselves silly.

Hopefully Steelers madness will be over here... It's been a really fun ride - but I'm ready to move on ;) Thanks Stillers!!