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Friday, February 29, 2008

To some, this will mean nothing... to others - like myself - you'll be impressed! This morning, Matt and I decided to take the kiddos to our lil breakfast place - Elana's across Greenfield Ave. Matt took the van and dropped it off to be inspected and me and boysie's walked down Lydia. As we passed Kanai funeral home at the bottom of our street, the door opened and out walked Art Rooney Jr w/ a bodyguard/driver/friend? Immediately recognizing him... I wondered... it is kosher to say hi? The poor fellow, recognized, I AM SURE, everywhere he goes, was leaving the funeral home and walking across the street to St Rosalia's to where the funeral mass was to take place. We made eye contact and acknowledged each other's presence. As we went to cross the street, the sweet owner of the PITTSBURGH STEELERS told us to be careful and wait for him to cross with us. They giggled at Theo's "future Steeler" cap that he was sporting... and we parted by asking that the Lord would bless one another.

This is why I love living in the city. I love that all of you dear folk in Boston and elsewhere with no allegiance to this lovely city would have no reaction to this story. BUT, if you are a Pittsburgher, you'd want to buy a house next store ;) just in case Art comes back... heehee.


greg milinovich said...

i loved - LOVED - that story. it was so awesome. here's a funny story that kind of relates:

one year (several years ago) i was at training camp in latrobe and i was over by the stairs where the players come up and down to the training room. i looked over towards the dorm the players stayed in then, and i could see some people, so i used my dad's binoculars to see who it was bill cowher. well, you need to understand that this was a pretty good distance away, but no fans seemed to be around him, so i figured it was my opportunity to get his autograph. so i ran. i sprinted. i freaking flied across the fields to the dorm and as i approached i realized that bill wasn't alone - he was standing there talking to none other than mr. dan rooney. so i got up to them and i am panting like a wild dog because i have just ran as fast as i can for a long ways. i asked them for their autographs and they said yes, but as dan was signing and i was panting, the owner of my most beloved sports team (whom i fantasize about playing for) says to me, "you're out of shape, son."

ouch. there goes my chance of becoming a walk-on starter for the steelers...

thanks for telling your story. i loved it.

-greg. (milinovich)

Anonymous said...

tiny brushes with fame are so fun! i stood next to sheryl crow once on a street corner. i had google your steelers guy- i'm so out of the football loop. how are you doing? baby? hang in there! love ya, miss ya!

yellowinter said...

though i'm not from pittsburgh, nor am i a stiller fan, i heart that story too. art rooney is the epitome of class among nfl owners, right? ahhh, hope the boys will always live with that story. :)
will pray that the little one arrives safely and soon.