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Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh, bummer...

The most wonderful time of the day - I think it is because of the infrequency of our baths that we love them so much! These are their "funny" faces. Isn't Theo growing up!?

My Theo has really taken to saying "oh, bummer!" if he misses something. I've been trying to capture it for a while and I've got it. This video is particularly for Uncle Ken - as he was really hoping to hear it sometime.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

haha... I looked at it again. You really can't make out the belly at all. At least you have the opportunity to poke fun at the fat face!! I'll get another one up..... no worries.

There you have it. haha... you can't see my belly at all because of the black shirt. I'll try and do better next time. By the way, that other baby? Already out. Born Jan 3rd!! Woot!! New Auntie I am.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A month passed....

I cannot believe a whole month has passed since I've last blogged. I suppose we should all get used to it because I am not sure how I will ever have time to do anything once this little girl arrives. You've got two more months ladies and gentleman! Two more months until complete and utter chaos reigns in the Koerber household. It almost reigns now... but for some reason we are keeping our heads slightly above it all.

So right.... Christmas has come and gone and New Years as well. These past two weeks have been really quite odd. The worst cold of the century is being passed from person to person... with Isaac finally starting to demonstrate his snifflies this afternoon. Hopefully it'll pass over him... but I'm fairly doubtful that it will. We've got our albuterol in stock and his dinosaur mask ready. So? I guess I'm ready?

Christmas was interesting this year. I feel like we spent all month feeling ready and on top of everything (all our shopping done early... a tree up on the 6th of December! -- monumental stuff for these Koerbers!) but then WHAM! Christmas hit. How could I feel blindsided by it when everything was done? We had a lovely play done by Hannah J and Rachel S w/ the church and it was a hit... Isaac even said his line! We had lovely dinners with several of the community groups in the church making my need for coming up w/ suppers scarce ;) sweet! Christmas Eve was spent at 1st Reformed and then with my parents. It was a treat to worship w/ so many that have loved and supported this new city church. And of course, supper w/ my family was a real treat -- too short!

Christmas day after spending some time together in the morning, we headed to Clearfield so spend time with Matthew's family. It was a real delight to be together the little time that we had before lil Theo decided to ruin it all by throwing up. Matthew got some good time studying and reading at his dad's office while me and the boys got some real good Nama time in.

We came home to a house that needed TONS of work before we opened it on New Year's Day - our annual open house. Christmas toys are still finding their way to their appropriate places... but we have a cleaner house than usual and still more unusual order.

Some of my Christmas highlights:
  • worship at 1st Reformed Christmas Eve - I just love that church and the support that they have offered my family and City Reformed. It was a delight to worship with them Monday night.
  • the boys got a new toy kitchen (that still isn't together yet) from Nama... we are loving it!
  • iPods - the year of the iPod. Matt got a small 4gb ipod in exchange for our nasty couch (thanks A!) and got us slightly hooked on the idea of getting all of our music into one of those lil buggers. My Christmas present was the mother of all mothers - 80 GB iPod. holy smokes.
  • Iron and Wine - Sammy makes the highlights! That album is marvelous. Matt's even hooked.
  • My ultimate favorite - the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Isaac begs to read it every night and woke me up this morning w/ it asking to please read the story about Jesus and the nails. I have never seen a children's Bible that I have so loved and trusted! Every chapter is Christ centered. If you have children and do not have this book - please tell me and I will buy you a copy!! It's unbelievable.
So... that's enough. I'll try and post pictures soon. Robin - I'm not too keen on posting pics of my largeness. I am certainly not celebrating the body this time round ;) I'll try and find one and get it on here though... just for you!

Love you all.