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Saturday, October 13, 2007

My sweet husband spilled water on my laptop, consequently destroying the video card and screen ;) It is our sole computer for the house and I am ashamed to admit how lost I felt without it. He (the love of my life) made up for his fatal error by bringing home a monitor left by the old tenants of CityReformed offices' space and I can now bring ya'll up to speed on what's going on at the ole Koerber homestead.

First and foremost: It's a GIRL! I thought we were incapable of such... but apparently we are not. Wow, I'm thrilled. It makes all the woes of this pregnancy (my out of whack hormonal system, headaches, crazy sickness in the beginning... to name a few) a bit more worth it? We surely would have delighted just the same at the news of a lil boy. Now, we have to name her... why naming girls so much harder than boys?

Isaac and soccer. Today he played quite well. I took videos, so I'll get them up soon! He had a couple of shots on goal, but managed to score on our own goalie. It was a valiant effort!

UGH. I've got to deal with a little boy who will not eat his beans.


Anonymous said...

yay for the koerbers!!! beans? uh, are you sure you're sad that your boy won't eat his BEANS? peeh-yoo! watch out for the passing gases! haha... miss you.

Anonymous said...

Brendan gags on veggies!!! Truly, eyes watering the whole deal. He has gotten better as he has gotten older, but it is still quite a challenge!

I'm so happy about your GIRL! Funny, I've had bad headaches too, I wonder, is it just a start?? We're excited too, but both scared :) (girls do pick up bugs, right??)
Jen McNeil

Nancy said...

A girl! How fun that our children compliment each other, gender and age wise...I'm thinking...arranged marriages?

Anonymous said...

hip hip hoorah! i don't know why i get some much more excited when my friends have girls...a bit sexist. :)

Aaron said...

from the reinard family....CONGRATS on a girlie!

secondly, from someone who spilled coffee into his Dell last spring, I feel your pain. HOWEVER....I took the opportunity to just buy a Mac and now the world is a more beautiful place. Act now, while Matt still feels guilty!

Robin Saylor said...

So cool!! Congrats! I was just beginning to wonder if you were going to reveal the gender or not. "Robin" is a very pretty name - don't you think??