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Friday, October 06, 2006

So... It IS okay to just write a little bit. It really is. Every blog entry doesn't have to have crazy intelligent remarks or crazy amounts of words. I'd like to write a bit more... (frequency wise) but really less.

Here are a couple of things that are going on: completely random.

1) Music blogs... People post tidbits of what's going on in the music world. Like Paste on-line but from different sources, real people. It has been fun to browse... BUT, here's a question for Salada's and others (who have shaped my music "sharing" dramatically!) are what they doing right? I love being exposed to new music... and sometimes I'm tempted to download songs. I suppose as I'm asking the question, I'm answering it. It has got to be wrong to not pay for the tunes... but, OH... what a temptation! A free Beck song... or a Dylan gospel tune... or how about a mah-na-mah-na tune?!

2) Nancy... It takes a LOT to distract me from cleaning my home. However, I have found that I must have a presentable home on weekends. (The definition of presentable for the Koerbers is probably messy for most.) I think I need a housekeeper ;)

3) Life is busy & it seems to only get more and more so. I am grateful, though! It is busy with dear things. I love my family...

4) I LOVE where we live. We have an Iraqi family across the street: "Say-ba" is 9 years old and frequents the home to "pet" (torture really) our cat. She is here in Pittsburgh for cleft surgery at Children's. Last night was date night and we went to Gullifty's for dessert and got to watch a great jazz show alongside a very diverse crowd and then sat in the car to watch Hassidic Jews worship. When we go to the park, Isaac plays alongside Chinese, Muslims and children from India.

I suppose that's enough.

Say-ba! (I'm sure that's not how you spell her name) She is such a dear girl! She's come over and literally cleaned up Isaac's toys... (I suppose she doesn't like our mess neither)

Have I mentioned how much I love our church?


Megan said...

Can Say-ba come visit me? Ella would love to have an older girl to play with. We're heading to Grove City next weekend - so close, yet so far away! Hope things are well. I hear that the church has been packed out every Sunday - they must really like the preacher guy :)
Oh yeah, I plan on going 1-4 this week in FF so don't worry.

ssk said...

who's representin the koreans?!?!?!

Nancy said...

Actually, this is Duncan.

Since I am being asked to render a moral judgement and I AM the great moral compass of the Washington, DC area, I must say that I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. The link to Paste that you included didn't have an example of music downloads.

If folks are posting someone else's music without their permission, they better watch out.

However, some artists actually want to give away some of their music for free, so that's cool.

One way to ease your guilt: If you listen to a song online for free and you like it, then go find a way to buy it. That's sharing, and it can actually be helpful to the artists.

chrissie k said...

you are right, duncan... i didn't explain myself very well. this is an example of the blogs that post music - and one of my favorites:

i know that paste is legit & legal. they are financially invested in selling the music (they distribute many artists.) i have never bought one song on-line. (i've regressed technologically since advent...) i need to look into it. i haven't bought a cd in a long while!

thank you, oh GMC (great moral compass) that has temporarily extended to the greater Pittsburgh area.

Nancy said...

Duncan again.

Thanks for the clarification. I am now ready to pass down judgement. Let all who read be attentive to the nugget o' wisdom below. (oh boy!)

More seroiusly, I like what the small ages blogger says in the "Important Note" on the upper right of the blog. Though I don't think it would stand up in court.

One problem with electronic "sharing" of music is that people tend to just keep the mp3 in their collection and listen to it over and over again without going out and getting a legit copy. That's bad news. If you like the song/artist, why don't you pay them for it - they probably need to eat too (and don't give me any of that crap about the record companies getting fat off the artists).

Another problem with posting songs like this is that despite this blogger's best intentions she has no ability to enforce what she says about buying the music. If I let you borrow a CD, I can't listen to the CD until you give it back. I bug you to give it back to me or I eventually just go out a buy another copy for myself if you won't give it back. In short, I have some way to enforce the sharing aspect of the arrangement. Not so with electronic files.

Thus endeth the lesson :-)