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Friday, October 06, 2006

so if you can't read my post below -- i miss my korean sisters. it's true. i have to admit it... this summer we had our first korean come to our church. poor guy probably won't come back because of psycho pastor's wife pretty much begged him to stay. they are all probably laughing about her at the neighboring korean church. psycho pastor's wife. all we need is a bunch of you to move from boston (& baltimore) and create a bit of a korean contingent... we could eat kimchee and bulgogi. my guess is because there is such a small korean contingent in pittsburgh that it is more comfortable and attractive to be with one another. maybe ya'll could help shed light on why our church wouldn't be attractive? love my noonas! (i know it only means older sister....)


yellowinter said...

hi, chrissie. it's ran lee from citylife. it warms my heart to see this post. and read the last one with korean. i hope the korean dude is brave enough to come back. it's a shame, but i used to be one of those koreans that stuck to korean churches. most of us grow up in them, and it's just more comfortable. BUT there's so much to gain from getting out of the comfort zone! i hope more pitt peeps will see that. :)
miss you guys dearly. chris and i talk often about how much we miss matt and your leadership and care. your congregation is so blessed to have you... psycho or not. j/k ;)

ssk said...

awww........ move to balto please. i miss all the men in your life and mostly you.