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Sunday, March 04, 2007

I continue to be addicted to -- I look at least 2-3 times a day. The things that I "need" to make my home complete (besides 10 more children as wonderful as the two I've got): an armoire (we have no closets in this teeny weeny home), new living room furniture (we're living with the set my parents had when I was growing up) and a bed.

Matt and I found this set of couches that we like - available only at Boscov's - while I really like them, I wonder if they are too trendy rather than "timeless," you know? We do have a fairly small living room and they are crazy narrow yet comfortable couches... so this would maximize space although my mother-in-law would not enjoy sleeping on this couch, I am sure. We'd go with the dark brown leather... comments welcomed. I hate making decisions!

Patty Griffin plays at Byham April 16th. I have yet to hear her new album (I know Tammy!!! Isn't that horrid?)

Rather random and meaningless post... just haven't posted in a while other than the videos and felt like I'd like to add meaningless content to all of my own vanity concerning my children!


Anonymous said...

If you lile Craigslist you should check out - its all FREE. My mom got a crib for Brendan for her house when he was first born. It is a message board that you have to sign up for and the different groups have different guidelines (some you have to give something before you can get anything). There is always TONS of kid things. I have signed up, but was overloaded with how much stuff people were giving away and couldn't sift through it all.

I like the couch, I love leather. I think the pillows make it look more trendy than it is, but it does look trendy.

Jen M

Robin Saylor said...

I too love Craigslist ... but it's not big in Canada YET. We have the opposite problem of you guys - we have too much furniture. Just spent the weekend rearranging couches trying to get it all to fit. Do you want to come up with a truck an buy some?

I love the leather furniture ... maybe a little trendy, but if it works in your house now it looks very cool.

Good luck ...

Anonymous said...

Ben and I are also searching for couches on craigslist and have found some nice ones. I like the one you picked and with the right accent pillows you could bring in a more classic look, I think. I think brown would be best, too.

thanks for your comment on my blog, it's encouraging to hear other mom's have gone through all of this! Noah is feeling much better lately! We go back to the allergist on Wednesday. Blessings to you and yours!

Nancy said...

I likes. Who cares if it's trendy? Is it really going to last forever with two little boys? We have Ikea's Bowie store in our home. We love it because even though it won't last forever, it's reasonably priced and VERY practical (ie.removable, machine washable slipcovers). Very helpful when we get those snot trails on the cushions. (Did I just type that?)

heather said...

Are the kitties trustworthy around leather?

tammyo said...

that's my heather- always thinking of the kitties! ;) i say if they're kitty proof, go for the leather. it doesn't absorb quickly. yeah for no pee/puke smells! patty's closest show to us is nyc. i don't think we'll make it. sigh. oh well, we did just see her this past fall.