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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matt's first post - Theo's first story

Well, here is my first post. Appropriately, this is Theo's first story that I have ever heard him tell. This is the what he said tonight at bedtime.

Theo (from the bottom bunk): I wfaght tdoou thdehl agh shctourghy.
Daddy: Theo, take your pacify out of your mouth.
Theo: [pop], I want to tell a story too.
Daddy: Ok

Theo: The little boy and the little bwather went for a walk in the woods. And they saw a tdwool.
Isaac (from the top bunk): a doll?
Theo: A troll. And he was big. Big, Big.
Isaac: A giant troll!
Theo: Then he ate the little boys.
Daddy: [?]
Theo: Then they flew up in the air and went to the door.
Daddy: What?
Theo: Then they saw the troll and he ate them again.
Daddy: Did they go in his belly?
Theo: NO. He put them in his mouth. And then they went down into his belly. And then they flew out.
Daddy: What?
Theo: They flew out of his belly. And they flew out to the door. And on the other side of the door was another one.
Daddy: Another one what?
Theo: A troll.
Daddy: Did he eat them again?
Theo: No, he ate a sandwich. The end.


Christopher E. Withers said...

and then a unicorn came and jabbed them in him in the butt!!
what an awesome story.. :)

Aaron said...

with some good illustrations that;s a best seller!

John and Leah said...

HILARIOUS! you guys are great...just caught up on your blog. you have a lovely little family. hope to see you soonish!