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Saturday, February 24, 2007

So -- My crafty friend, Aaron, has figured out how to post these videos -- and has shared his information. Wah hoo for all of you!

My Theo has been better. It must be his teeth and a growth spurt together? I think I have been too cautious feeding him because of all of our pukey episodes last week. Poor kid just ate about a half a box of his brother's favorite lunch, Dinosaur Mac 'n Cheese. We make noises the dinosaurs bite the dust and then continue to refer to them in the bellies throughout the day.

On the down side, we still are not sleeping well at nights. I'll tell you what... this beautiful happy little child becomes a monster at night and I have to admit, I believe I created him! I was so cautious to not have him cry long so that he would wake his brother, that I have created a terrible sleeping child! So, we've decided we are going to seperate them, until we have trained poor little Theo how to sleep well. I'm thinking this is going to be a terrible week. Last night (while in the same room as his brother) he cried out LOUD for an entire hour before I finally went in to nurse. NOW, remember... this child IS 11 months, had just nursed 2.5 hours beforehand AND had only taken ONE nap that whole day! I think this child craves more of a schedule than my Isaac did.

Alright, Grace and PEACE to you all.

I'm looking forward to two beautiful friends sharing their baby news! MKL and RannieCakes!


Aaron said...

Wow - the Koerber's really do rock. Very cool. Still can't wait to get that band going. Glad you got the video up!

tammyo said...

hang in there chris! show the world what a tough momma you are! coffee, coffee, coffee!!! here's hoping and praying that theo shakes this thing soon soon ya! ;)

heather said...

Isaac is so adorable!!! I want to have a drum playing child! Hope you all have a peaceful night!