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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random musings...

The Beach

We just returned from a 2 week vacation: 1) three days in Cook Forest all by ourselves as a family 2) four days in Boston (to visit Mikey and Sharon K. - no Sunday, CityLife folk!) and final week in OC NJ at the BEACH! We had a lovely time - a very full vacation indeed. I'll have to post some pictures later.


Ten years ago, I spent the entire summer in OC (CCO beachproject) - I worked at SouthSeas shop on 8th Street (the Boardwalk). I enjoyed my time there. It is crazy surprising to me how much the owners care about our family. When there that summer - I would have never anticipated the longetivity of that relationship. I married into a family that spends their summer vacation there. The Millers have seen me through my Penn State years, married and now having children. They ask always of Matt's work and continue to be a part of my life. I am grateful for that relationship - what a treat it has been!

My Chunky Monkey

Yes, Theo is called our chunky monkey. The poor dude was born covered in hair (certainly something he has inherited from his father, heehee.) He has not outgrown that hair even still! Remnants remain on places better not mentioned.... but what a chunk this sweet child is! I love the gerth and am grateful for it. I can't believe how much this child has grown up. We have left newborn stage and are dealing with babydom. I love watching him grow and learn. He should be sitting up in a month or so...

Our SkinnyMinny

Not me, unfortunately. Isaac turns two next Thursday. WOW. I have loved watching him grow... and am enjoying this season immensely! He comes up with new phrases everyday and has learned many a new dance ;) He even tried to go peepee on the potty yesterday. I love this child. I love what he has added to my life.


I am still trying to figure this thing out. Wow, I love it but often feel like all I do is change diapers. How can I participate in growing the Kingdom by doing that?!?


Megan said...

Ok, you were up at 6:41 am? please tell me that's a mistake! I enjoy reading your random thoughts. Regarding motherhood - at least you have a job and contribute in a way other than just diaper changing (not that there's anything wrong with that ;) ) - you do it all!

chrissie k said...

I actually was awake at that time - although not posting then ;) - I was lying in bed praying that Isaac would go back to sleep. What has the BEACH done to my son? I think he continues to wake up excited thinking he is going to see Ella ... heehee.